NEW Hairdorables Blind Box Unboxing! CUTE SURPRISE!

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Join the PSToyReviews Crew - subscribe here Today we have a super special surprise present from Hairdorables. These blind box dolls are sure to be a hit. There are so many to collect. Collect them in their signature fashions or another fun outfit. Who do you like the best? Let us know in the comments. *Thanks to Just Play for sending these to us for review. All opinions expressed are our own. * * Welcome to PSToyReviews where Paul, Shannon & Simon the cat open all kinds of fun toys. We love blind bags here including Shopkins, Disney, My Little Pony MLP, LOL Surprise, squishies, Lego & tons of others. We also love hidden surprise eggs & mystery toys. You will find us opening unboxing toys, playsets and all sorts of kids toys including reviews, play & arts & crafts fun. Don’t forget bath bombs or slime either because it’s so much fun. Leave a comment while you are here, we love hearing from our fans. * Other Places To Find Us * Check Out Some Of Our Other Videos In Playlists Shopkins - all seasons, Playsets, Shoppies Blind Bag Treehouse Episodes Paul vs Shannon - Who Will Win? Bath Bombs Fizzies Play-Doh Surprise Eggs & Challenges Blind Bags Paloozas Disney Fun Including Princesses Arts & Crafts (Crayola Coloring, custom DIY Shopkins & more) Toy Hunting, Surprise Presents & Hauls * Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share our channel with your friends. This way we can keep bringing you even more videos: -) * Business inquires only pstoyreviewsofficial@gmail *.

Get your own Doctor Squish merch at: teespring stores doctorsquish Wheel Of Squish! Cutting OPEN Stretch Armstrong OCTOPUS! Doctor Squish Hi guys! Doctor Squish here! on today's Wheel of Squish will I get to cut open a Stretch Armstrong Octopus? What will be inside? I am opening more Lost Kitties blind boxes with milk dough, Squish Ums blind bags, Smooshy Mushy Yolo Froyo, a So Slime DIY blind bag, and even Ring Pops Puppies blind bags with a sparkly rare pup! *DO NOT CUT OPEN TOYS AT HOME*.

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